Monday, May 23, 2016

The Charm Of Bali

Bali elected in the digital media as a best island in the world, because of beauty, the island of Bali made the best of hundreds of islands in Indonesia. Bali serve as the world’s best travel.
Between the charm of Bali, among others :
*  Indigenous culture and it’s alignment owned by the island of Bali can be found as :
1.       BajraSandhi
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2.       Dream Land Beach ,
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*  Beside culture and custom. Diverse beaches provide peace of heart and mind is chaotic , especially for visitors from outside the island of Bali
v  Of various indigenous farming and tourism social life including Hindus. Most of his life it domination of custom event which they took as a guard harmonious earthly life.
*  The  review of the various places you’ve visited the island of Bali. Bali is a place worth flattered, because in addition to a great tolerance  Bali also included in a place that is safe.
*  Asia level besides Bali. The island is also selected as the best tourist island, because for me reviews and opinions of millions of travellers around the world.
·         Sport Bali

One of the sports in Bali are very popular and challenging especially for foreign tourists is surfing and diving.Bali has coastline beach,the waves are pretty big make-surfers,  surfers from around the world come to this place. And the most popular places to surf in this island is in Bali Cangu and Medwi North Kuta.
Not only local tourists who are enthusiastic to air Senorkeling in Bali,but foreign tourists also took part to directly see the underwater beauty of Bali.For those who are beginners it is advisable to ask for help or assistance from professionals in conducting his snorkelling.

In addition to surfing and snorkelling, other sport are also popular is cycling around the island. One of the most favorittrip is cycling visiting remote areas in the island of Bali. By cycling in Bali then allow the traveller to get a new perspective realted to the local culture of Balinese life. Cycling in Bali allows tourists walked the steep road full of challenges and enjoyment bathiniyahdegan. While other sport can  also be enjoyed in Bali are , yoga in Ubud area, camping, golf and scuba diving sport activities will allow tourist to explore various other aspect that exist in Bali that sometimes untouched by other travelers. Hopefully  happy visit to the island that is often cited as a gift from God.

·         Nalimisme Culture
Animism is the primitive belief
*  Belief in spirits
*  Appeared among primitive people
*  Believe every object on earth to have the spirit of confidence that must be respected because it can help the human spirit and evil spirits
*  Animism shifted by the influence of Hinduism Hindu, more formal reason of animism. Although it can be classified as both have many similarities
Thing that can be trusted is as follow
*      Keris
*      Puppet/library

Conclusion  :
                The existence of places of worship ( all reliance ) is an important moment for  presence a religion while he was able to give symbolic counter upside cultural invasion as well as other religions

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