Wednesday, March 15, 2017

View Bali From The Drone

Indonesia: known for it’s tropical beaches, lush landscapes, and incredible culture. It is a country scattered with over seventeen thousand islands all of which have their own history and magic. Bali of course is among the most popularly known as it receives millions of tourists every year. Somewhere around 3 million to be more precise, and this accounts for 80% of the inbound tourism to Indonesia. Bali hosts attractions from sea level all the way up to 3,031 meters at the peak of Mt. Agung. A combination of three different languages are spoken in Bali yet English is understood on a majority of the island including isolated rural communities but also Luxury apartments in Bali have in Canggu a new buyers trent in the real estate market..

The Double View Mansions Bali in canggu

The Indian Ocean is of the most active nature on the planet and constantly brings world-class waves to Bali’s beaches. The ultra-live reefs and geographic landmarks create the kind of waves surfers dream of. Combine that with crystal clear tropical warm water and you have yourself a true paradise. Surf tourism is most abundant in Bali compared to the other islands and when visiting certain regions of Bali it is easily noticed the impact this lifestyle has.

In addition to surf tourism, Bali’s major industry is rice cultivation. The island hosts fertile plains that are filled with lush rice terraces and provide some of the most incredible pristine scenery in Indonesia and even the world. With this fertility comes additional primitive traits such as cattle and livestock farming, coffee and spice plantations, and palm density that you cannot even believe.

The simple life of Indonesians is also something of great admiration. You can see it in their smile, feel it in their voice, and connect with it through conversation. The wooden shelters scattered amongst rural communities that teach their offspring sustainability through their environment. Their culture should also be noted as one of the most unique, strong, and beautiful on this planet. They continue to practice enchanting dance dramas and haunting gamelan music that are world famous and a major attraction to visitors from all over. The artisan work of the Ubud area has influenced style and d├ęcor to every architect and designer around the world.

Needless to say, Bali and Indonesia carry a magnetizing magic that will only continue to grow more popular with tourism. The internet and technology continues to spread media to the masses with tempting imagery and dreams of getaways. Bali drone expert “Indo Eye” takes this idea and reaches new ‘heights’ with his aerial videography and photography. Have a look at his latest production of some Indonesian landscapes that fill the viewer with an emotion and sensation that cannot be described in words.